Monday, November 18, 2013


Mischa and I are creating a drawing using photos of potentially historic properties. The properties were identified by in a recently published report created by Stark Preservation Planning in coordination with the City of Minneapolis. The report summarizes 10 years worth of historic surveys conducted by the City. The results outlined 523 individual properties (excluding already designated landmarks) and 55 districts as having potential significance. Based on the property’s land use features and anticipated growth, as well as meeting one or more of the City’s heritage preservation goals, 101 properties have been identified in the Evaluation as endangered. 

The drawing that we have been working on depicts these properties. The buildings closer to the center of the drawing are more endangered according to the outlined criteria (land use, growth, and preservation goals).

We are using a couple projectors to trace the buildings.  Thanks to Aaron Marx and Minneapolis Art on Wheels for loaning us the equipment.

Here's the progress from Day 1

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