Monday, July 22, 2013

Minnesota Historical Society Day 1

We started of the class looking at the drawings that the students created at Riverside Plaza.  For the majority of the students, it was the first time participating in a critique. With this in mind we set a couple parameters - stay positive, encourage others, and if there is criticism, make sure that it is put forth in the form of a question. Also, we spent time talking about the elements of art and we encouraged them to use this vocabulary when talking about eachothers' drawings


we spent time brainstorming the outcomes for the project. The solution that the group is really excited about is a portable exhibition consisting of collapsable kiosks and a cargo van that turns into a pop up gallery.

We also watched “The Lost Twin Cities,” a documentary on buildings that once stood in Minneapolis and Saint Paul.  

The students also had the opportunity to visit Open House: If These Walls Could Talk, an exhibition showing the history of the people that lived in one house in East Saint Paul over the lifespan of the building.

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