Monday, June 17, 2013


Today we had the pleasure of participating in an urban planning workshop with urban planner and artist James Rojas.  James has travelled the world, from Compton to Berlin, facilitating discussions centered around community and planning.  This interaction was the perfect primer for the students to start thinking about how to get people in their own communities involved in city planning.  James' workshops also include a couple guiding questions. The questions that were posed to the students were"What would you preserve in your community?" and "What does this look like?"  What is brillant about James' approach are the tools that he uses – pipe cleaners, legos, plastic leaves, hair rollers, construction paper, and other colorful ephemera.  These allow the participants to use their creativity to construct landscapes and buildings that wouldn't be given in a verbal or written community meeting.

Here's some photos from our workshop. More can be found on our flickr site.

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